8:00 pmFriday, 13 December 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Latinidades (Latin things) - Brings together for the first time the Italo-Colombian duo, Transatlantico, and the Brazilian-funk 6 piece, Rua. Come and bring your "Latinidade".

Transatlantico is an Italo-Colombian duo, which explores diverse rhythms from Latin-America. The members are a talented Colombian singer and an exceptional Italian guitarist/double-bass player who will merge the two with some loop-station.

The repertoire made of originals and classics travels from Latin jazz, to root south American rhythms such as Colombian and Cuban classics. Transatlantico will explore with you new sonorities and experiment how deep the interaction between two musicians can be. The show is ready, what is missing is you!


Rua [`hua], is a Brazilian project comprised of Melbourne-Based Latin American, European and Australian musos. Rua belts out a down to earth mix of Brazilian styles, including - Samba, Samba-Funk and Maracatu. The result is a blend of buoyant samba rhythms with the contemporary groove and bop of funk, that will undoubtedly get you dancing.

Rua is comprised of 6 musicians: Alcides Neto (Brazil) on guitar and vocals, Rodrigo Salgado (Brazil) on electric-bass, Carlos Meza (Colombia) on drums, Sam Osbourne (Australia) on percussion, Ed Farrar (England) on trumpet and Will Larsen (Australia) on Sax.

'Rua' (street - in Portuguese) as a concept, can be understood as a common space, where everyone is free to come and go, a place to mingle, to express, to exchange ideas and debate, it is a democratic space and should remain that way. This a concept that the band aims to cultivate, a true form of socialising, where good vibes and dancing are intertwined with meaningful discussion of the things that matter.


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