Pacing The Cage, Funk Dancing For Self Defense, Bronze (Upstairs), Bandmates Victoria Pres. Emah Fox, Moody Beaches, The Hakkets, The Night Before Tomorrow (Bandroom)


4:00 pmSunday, 26 August 2018



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Pacing The Cage meld elements of prog, psych, and straight up rock n’ roll to deliver a huge sound that belongs entirely to themselves.” Happy Mag Spearheaded by new single Your Love My Love and blasting out of the speakers with herculean riffs and razor sharp vocal hooks, the debut album Intox by Pacing The Cage, is like a case of hand grenades with their pins pulled out.

Emah Fox is a musician and producer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her dark brand of synth pop pits urgent beats and ominous synths against sweet poly-rhythmic melody. The intricate production satellites around lucid vocals which shift from restrained intensity to epic and soaring. Earlier musical explorations have earned critical acclaim from ROLLING STONE ‘nothing sort of joyous’, MINISTRY OF SOUND ‘emotive vocals and fine lyrics’ and REVOLVER ‘world-class electronica’.
Moody Beaches are a new post-punk grunge project from Melbourne, featuring members of La Bastard, Hot Wings, & millennia teen dreams Sugarfiend. Having existed in the physical realm as a live music entity for only 365 rotations around Apollo, Moody Beaches are rising from the deep underbelly of Melbourne’s north to impose their three piece, harmony-driven, brooding music upon us.
The Hackkets Proudly hailing from Melbourne’s West, The Hackkets are a band made up of members with and without disability, brought together more than 10 years ago as part of FCAC’s ArtLife program and still going strong! The band originally focussed on covers, immersing themselves in the kind of universal classic hits Rock and Roll that wins over even the most hardened in-car sing-along scrooge, but since 2011 have channeled their love of such classics into their own reinvented AM radio fan-fiction.
THE NIGHT BEFORE TOMORROW Sitting sometimes awkwardly and sometimes comfortably between the styles of The Velvet Underground, the B52s, the Slits and the Shaggs, The Night Before Tomorrow play their original pop-punk songs to inspired Melbourne audiences

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