Norman Westberg


8:00 pm-10:30 pmSaturday, 25 June 2022


The Substation

1 Market St, Newport VIC 3015

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+ Alexandra Spence with Rachel Archibald + Chris Abrahams and Scott Morrison

For many, Norman Westberg is known for his legacy as the guitarist for legendary outfit Swans. As a pivotal member of the group, Westberg performed on their most critical albums, developing a style of playing that was hugely influential in developing their trademarked monolithic sound pressure. As a soloist however, Norman Westberg’s work has splayed outward drifting between oceanic tides of guitar and deep waves of textured harmony.

Alexandra Spence’s work A veil, the sea is an immersive and diverse set-up of sonic material - amplified objects, hydrophone recordings, submerged and degraded tape loops, sine waves, spoken fragments of text, acoustic instruments, and audio processing - to explore the relationships between bodies and water, real and imaginary landscapes, sound and ecology.

For their new work, Chris Abrahams and Scott Morrison have created a piece that merges the cascading flow of Abrahams’ playing alongside Morrison’s dynamically layered film works. Together they seek to create pathways between sound and vision, interlocking meshes that suggest new spaces and sensory fields that exist at the nexus of sound and light.

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    The Substation

    1 Market St, Newport VIC 3015