Nightclub // Concrete Lawn // Bitumen plus... Traxion, Big-Mac b2b Bryn D (Organised Noise), Eric Stark, Ham, Sindy


8:00 pmSaturday, 17 July 2021



229 Queensberry St, Carlton

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It’s been a vortex of emotions since our last sold out dance. Lockdown. Release. Lockdown. Release. A bureaucracy fractal emanating from the cycle of life. In. Out. In. Out. Now breathe. We surf this societal wave of uncertainty with all the hope we can muster. And there it is, in the distance, a slither of hope. A lighthouse shining through the mist. It shines strong - and it shines a beautiful dark.

This lightkeeper is a firm favourite of ours. A man of many talents and even fewer faults, Traxion flows from a phuturistic sound that straddles high-fidelity frequencies with a low rumbling foundation. It’s rock, it’s punk, it’s tech, it’s fun. If you've experienced his sets at Pitch Music & Arts or Let them Eat Cake then you know it’s never dull. If you find inner release difficult, then we suggest you join us. Traxion has the key to your expansion. Joining him will be a stellar cast of local acts that will carry this one to the top. Together we will fight the power and enhance your experience.

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    229 Queensberry St, Carlton