Nembutolik - "All Along The Frankston Line" Album Launch Gutless, Vile Apparition, Womb To Tomb and Fever Shack [bandroom] Mathilde Anne [upstairs]


7:00 pmSaturday, 18 June 2022



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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The time is finally upon us to revel in the filth of our debut album "All Along the Frankston Line”. Join us June 18 at The Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood for a celebration of beer, riffs and beating up your mates

Joining us will be:

Gutless - "Pulverising Melbourne Death Metal"

These lads put on a full body assault of raw knuckle dragging death metal. We've been hangin to play with them again and they'll be taking the headline slot of the show.


Debuting her full band, Mathilde Anne is gracing The Gasometer (upstairs) stage on June 18, 2022. Showcasing brand new music, including her new single 'I've Had Enough' (out now via Sandhill Records), expect a powerful performance and an important message. Supports TBA.

When Melbourne artist Mathilde Anne tells her story, you know she’s speaking for you too. Whether in haunting beauty, or lyrically shooting from the hip, Mathilde speaks her mind. Wildly writing from personal experience and feeling, her sights are always set on offering a sense of understanding and representation.

Alongside Melbourne’s very prolific producer James Seymour (FEELDS, Merpire) and her record label Sandhill Records, Mathilde has recently released her brand new single 'I've Had Enough'. The song was written by Mathilde in collaboration with Australian songstress MAXON, award-winning audio engineer and artist Nayomi Pattuwage (Like Bear) and Cheryl Beattie (The Music Industry School of Music). The single paints a picture with crooked lines of frustration; smearing red across relationships with the flaky and the non-committal.

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