Mr. McClelland's Finishing School - The Final Lockdown


9:00 pmFriday, 23 October 2020

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This Friday night is dancing time!

But! By the time the next Mr. McClelland's Finishing School rolls around, we here in Victoria will be out of lockdown.

Sure, things won't be the same as they were... but you'll be able to go out! Out and see people ! Out and eat and drink! Out to socialise!

So, this Friday is our final lockdown event for 2020.

However, you still won't be going to be able to go out dancing in the near future, so we're not abandoning you entirely. After this week we're still going to be part of the Melbourne Fringe festival in November, and we're working on... things... for December.

But in the meantime, this is gonna be the final direct-to-you-from-McClelland's-lounge event of 2020.

This Friday 23/10 DJ Andrew McClelland will be broadcasting direct to you, as we have been since all this started, with the three prices: $5 for individual partiers, $10 for you and your household (or your bubble buddy), $15 if you're someplace other than Melbourne and can have a party.

We'll see you on your dancefloor. Not for the last time in 2020, but for the last time in this eternal lockdown. Next time we dance will be different.