Moustache Ant, Death of Art, Violent Disorder, Howard Von Nois


7:00 pmFriday, 16 November 2018


Mr. Boogie Man

160 Hoddle St, Abbotsford

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This upcoming gig will feature the full spectrum of rock music’s emotional landscape, and that is in the form of-
• Moustache Ant- A three piece bucket of trouble, Moustache Ants live shows will leave you slightly confused yet aroused and feeling like you just copped an uppercut to the junk.
• Death of Art- A female fronted dark electronic rock act fused with elements of classical and heavy rock; that brings to life their engaging songs about empowerment, and overcoming self-sabotage.
• Violent Disorder- The ultimate embodiment of the Australian metal sound, brutal and focused; musically the combination of a scalpel and a sledge hammer.
• Howard Von Noise- The captain of face melting crunch strips back the Coffin Carousel ‘Doom Pop’ rock sound to a haunting graveyard class performance of acoustic horrorbilly spooky sauce flavours.
Doors open at 7pm and entry is $15, this is the sort of show that has the face of being ‘low key’, but has a big spirit; an amplified declaration passion through music, served up close and personal.

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