Motherslug, Bog Mönster (Tape Launch), Klavier Krieger


8:30 pmFriday, 6 August 2021



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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From the dark and murky depths of eternal sludge, Bog Mönster awakens.... Crimson-black and glistening, staunchly evil with doom-laden death on his mind.

Bog Mönster has by means of an ancient futuristic miniature reel to reel device eons in the making, deciphered his sonic metallic message of devastation, plunder and high as a kite good-times. Bringing forth this vessel of cacophony via convenient cassette technology, Bog Mönster unveils a hideous plethora of riffage by the name of "Hell is Full", a mini-album for your luxury enjoyment.

Forming a medieval alliance with mighty psychedelic wizards of doom brethren MOTHERSLUG and trippy noise merchants KLAVIER KRIEGER, Castle Rockenstein (The Tote) is set to rumble on a night of Death Doom Stoner Rock hallucinatory madness

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