Moody Beaches (Matinee) with special guests Hearts & Rockets + Moon Cup - Stella Farnan With Specials Guests Sunfruits & Juice Webster (evening)


1:00 pmSunday, 28 November 2021


Northcote Social Club

301 High Street, Northcote

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The weight of a world locked down, with uncertainty touching everything we do can do a lot to a person. It does a lot to the community you’re in. Disconnection and isolation can sometimes benefit the creative process, while other times a hungry brain is starved of the beauty and magic that makes it all worthwhile…But is it even that important when much bigger things are pressing?

For the first time in 18 months Moody Beaches are coming out for a very special matinee performance at the Northcote Social Club on Sunday 19 August. Cautious, optimistic, but devoid of a community that keeps the lifeblood flowing, there is a need for connection. With supports from Hearts & Rockets as well as Moon Cup, Moody Beaches will also be performing new material from their yet to be recorded debut album.

Raw, and at times - scathing, Moody Beaches channel the loud-quiet-loud dynamic of early Pixies and the harmony-driven vocal hooks of The Breeders. Rising from Melbourne’s punk-rock underbelly, Moody Beaches made waves with international audiences through touring their releases on both Poison City Records and Beast Records.


Stella Farnan’s music invites you into a world of warmth, scrutiny and celebration with a timeless songwriting sensibility that vibrates with edge and heart. The newly-released debut EP ’Come Stay At Mine’ has proved ‘how self-assured Stella sounds as she makes her first fully fledged step into the fold’ (Trouble Juice).

On ‘Come Stay At Mine’, Stella’s dew-drop fresh voice delivers catchy melodies that soar across and creeps amongst rich and sparkling rock textures with a soul-bearing honesty that bursts with the golden warmth of nostalgia while rumbling with the vibrance of the present. Produced by friend and drummer Soren Maryasin (Soren, engineering on The Teskey Brothers’ Grammy-nominated LP) ‘Come Stay At Mine’ ruminates on the undeniable importance and stifling danger of comfort. Stella’s voice reels you in with strength, nuance and a bittersweet sincerity to scrutinise sentimentality and apathy within and without.

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