Misty Harlowe


8:00 pmFriday, 17 November 2023


Lomond Hotel

223 Nicholson St., Brunswick East

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Misty Harlowe, is an Americana country blues singer songwriter. This year she formed ‘The Misty Harlowe Band’ which is a 6 piece collective. Her music is inspired by her roots in Gippsland’s Snowy River region. As the front woman she charms the audience with her angelic voice, intricate guitar playing, and delicate country melodies.

Telling intimate stories of the Australian landscape, she’s dubbed as a dark country artist for her haunting historic lyrics engraved in mystery with a hint of adventure. If Marty Robbins the western balladeer and Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac wrote a song together round a campfire it would emulate Misty’s sound.

Core members feature Danny Finkelstein on drums, bassist Aidan Efron, Liv Tomada on Keys/Synth & BVs and Josh Boult on guitar & BVs. Misty and the band have just hit the recording studio and are planning to release so keep a watchful eye on this up and coming country artist!

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