Lucida - Cassette Launch, Popolice, Dag (UPSTAIRS) Brendan Maclean 'And The Boyfriends' - Album Launch, Sarah Belkner, Cry Club (BANDROOM)


7:00 pmThursday, 16 May 2019



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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After a many and varied dream-filled siesta through 2018, Lucida are finally launching their self-titled cassette (out through underground darlin' label, Albert's Basement).

Upstairs at The Gasometer Hotel - Thursday, 16th May.

Lucida is a glorious amalgamation of glorious heads from bands including, but not limited to - New Estate, Secret Valley, Elli and Bev, Mad Nanna, The Curse and Powerful Owl.

Lucida trips and tramples from moody synth dream-pop to distorted guitar drive with some Byronic and ironic lyrics atop. Combined decades of friendship through flight and fire, love and loss, bind Lucida together with tangible spirit to their sound.

With gracious support on the night from the evocative and beloved mighty sonic rides of Popolice and Dag.


Complete with band, Brendan Maclean will launch his long awaited debut album 'And The Boyfriends' at THE GASO. The evening will feature Maclean's latest work played in full. He will be supported by album producer Sarah Belkner and Cry Club.

"For an act whose career highlights have often been tied to boldness as much as brilliance, it’s testament to Maclean’s capabilities that the album reaches those same heights while allowing for softness and uncertainty. And The Boyfriends signifies an artist who’s found a new way to simply be." - Julian de Valliere. The iconic independent artist broke through with his ukulele anthem Stupid in 2013 and then went on to create one of the most anthemic electro-pop releases of 2016 with funbang1. The E.P sparked three singles and one global controversy for his music video House of Air which the New Yorker quoted, "Should never be viewed in any public setting."

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