Loco Hombres


8:30 pmSaturday, 27 February 2021


The Gem

289 Wellington Street Collingwood

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Loco Hombres playing original rockabilly, surf and dark country classics. Put your hands together & legs apart to the sounds of LOCO HOMBRES - one tequila at a time !! Ole! *Warning- Loco Hombres may contain traces of whiskey.

So when three cousins ( Fast Ernie on 'geetar', Slick Rick on the bass and King 7 on drums /shouts) came down from the mountains, armed with vintage instruments, well...nothing much happened. Something was missing...

Once the magic ingredient of beer was added, the LOCO HOMBRES were born and boys and girls everywhere began to quiver and shake, put their hands together and their legs apart to the rockabilly sounds of LOCO HOMBRES - one beer at a time !!

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