Leap Day Blues - Benny James, Danny Walsh, Mear Kat + More


4:00 pm-6:00 pmSaturday, 29 February 2020


Tramway Hotel

165 Rae St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

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A leap day is observed because the Earth's period of orbital revolution around the Sun takes approximately 6 hours longer than 365 whole days. A leap day compensates for this lag, realigning the calendar with the Earth's position in the Solar System; otherwise, seasons would occur later than intended in the calendar year....but we just thought it was a good day for some local blues hounds to get together and howl at the afternoon sun!

Featuring the heavy electric sounds of Benny James (El Colosso, Benny James & The Blue Flames), the Mississippi hill country / Wimmera plains grooves of Danny Walsh (Danny Walsh Banned) + Kat Mear (Cash Savage and The Last Drinks) and the debut performance of Reservwaz direct from the Northern suburb's gutters (Clinkefield, Danny Walsh Banned) plus special guests.

All kicks off 4pm sharp with free entry - don't miss it, or you'll have to wait 4 years for the next one!

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    Tramway Hotel

    165 Rae St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068