Koda, Platypus, Russia Tapes


7:00 pmTuesday, 11 September 2018


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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Accomplished Melbourne based singer-songwriter KÖDA is truly one-of-a-kind. KÖDA presents a bubbly yet fierce personality and an electric stage presence through a whole new world of musical eclecticism and delivers it with a trademark rebel strut. KÖDA offers a chaotic genius that leaves everyone and anyone begging for more. 

Platypus will take your idea of indie pop and blow it pieces with a large helping of jazz and sprinkled with the tastiest amount of RnB. Platypus know how to groove and will ensure you get down for a boogie. 

This band will be the new musical delight you didn’t know you needed TAPES is one of the strongest up and coming neo soul bands you’ve never heard. TAPES has it’s finger on the pop-culture pulse and is every bit the fresh piece of sexiness & groove you’ve been looking for. The powerhouse vocals of front-woman, Teila Packman, puts this brand new band in front of the pack.

Russia’s sound is an ode to the funk of old while forging a contemporary footpath weaved with pop elements. Hearing them, however, is only half the experience. To truly understand the power of Russia, one must put down the laptop, go to their show and be engrossed in a high energy charismatic experience.

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