KÖDA “57” - Single Launch, Taylor Piggott, Russia Band


8:30 pmFriday, 12 October 2018


Yah Yah's

99 Smith St, Fitzroy

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Following the release of her Triple J Unearthed number one single “Scissors”, KÖDA has continued to make her mark on the Melbourne music circuit, gathering a loyal following and establishing herself as one of Australia’s biggest voices. KÖDA has also been hard at work as the newest member of indie rock outfit Tempus Sun, who are still running high on their latest release “Stopp” featuring KÖDA’s signature powerhouse vocals and songwriting prowess. She has since teamed up for collaborations with other rising stars such as Ezra Allen, Mark Jay, Sunshine the DJ and The Disco Faith Choir.

KÖDA has spent the last few months refining her sound and experimenting with a concept of writing she describes as “Whack Pop”. “57”, introduces a matured sound. The track, whilst still showcasing her signature rhythmic intensity and odd time signatures, explores a more serious tone thematically, juxtaposing the light-hearted rebelliousness of “ Scissors”. KÖDA bares her soul in this tell all single detailing the honesty of love and heartbreak. She relates “It’s a complicated story that shows how love can go from good to bad very quickly, and so often there’s no room for second chances”. Despite showing a more personal side, “ 57” certainly doesn’t lack KÖDA’s trademark attitude; fierce and self-assured, with a “can’t touch this” mantra, the track demonstrates the strength in vulnerability.

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