Kira Puru, Various Asses, MARIBELLE, Tanzer, Brooke Powers & heaps more... then Jeff Mills Cinemix


8:00 pmFriday, 16 November 2018


ACMI Cinemas

Federation Square, Melbourne

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Featuring Kira Puru + Various Asses + MARIBELLE + Tanzer + Brooke Powers + Whiskey Houston + Butch le Butch + Sullivan + MzRizk + MIMI + Thursgay DJs + Heaps Gay DJs + Dandrogyny +  The Huxleys + PO PO MO CO + Atong Atem + Xanthe + Carla Zimbler + The Cocoa Butter Club featuring D Flowers, Raina Peterson, Bailee Rose, Dani Boi and Garret Lyon.

Prepare yourself for the one night fever dream of decadence and mind-altering celebration that is Heaps Gay Reverie: Opening Night. Get lost within the walls of ACMI and see the space come to life like never before. Brimming with art of visual delight, awe inspiring performances and queer music across two stages until the wee hours, this is a party not to be missed.

Since 2000, Jeff Mills has been moving beyond the realms of DJ and exploring the role of composer for film. His soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s 1929 masterpiece Woman in the Moon is a remarkable example of his work which goes beyond the club and dancefloor.

Predating the first rocket to reach space by 13 years, and man’s first visit to the moon by 40 years, Woman in the Moon paints a remarkably accurate picture of rocket science and space exploration. Mill’s soundtrack is retro-futuristic and experimental with stabs of dramatically ambient techno, perfectly encapsulating the mood of the film.

Debuting this performance of Woman in the Moon in Australia exclusively for MMW, Jeff Mills will play his score live in this very special and not to be missed screening.

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