KekoSon DUO


9:00 pmWednesday, 10 February 2021


Open Studio

204 High Street, Northcote 3070

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In 2001, Keko Virán travelled to Cuba to meet Compay Segundo, Ibrahim Ferrer and Cachaito López – his idols from the legendary “Buena Vista Social Club” and to embrace the essence of the country and the people that inspired the rich, earthy roots of modern salsa music.

The trip inspired the formation of Australia’s premier Latin band, with a nod to the Buena Vista through its strong Cuban Son foundations. ‘The idea was to create a small musical group to research and promote rhythmic Afro-Latin styles and have a whole lot of fun with it along the way.’

As if channelling the very essence of Cuban street music, Keko fronts the energetic and talented group of musicians. Theirs is the only traditional Cuban Son band to be recognised by a Cuban Ambassador in Australia.

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