6:00 pmTuesday, 5 March 2019


Cherry Bar

68 Little Collins St, Melbourne

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Since losing Nathan we weren’t sure if we’d perform again, it felt unnatural to sing these songs without him.

Recently though it was announced that Cherry Bar would be closing the doors on its current location, this was jarring news.

The Cherry Bar has always had a soft spot in the heart of Kashmere Club. We all grew up in the country and to play a gig in Melbourne was a huge accomplishment. Cherry was one of the venues who welcomed us in, took to our sound and where we went on to have some of our biggest and most gripping live stage experiences. They gave a cuttla country kids a bit of a go.

Buddha loved Cherry and now on the dusk of the venue moving site from the hallowed AC/DC lane it seems fitting for us to revisit these songs and the memories one more time, for us, for Nath and for our friends.

Good mate of us and Nath and fellow Ludwig enthusiast, Sam Mellington, will he stepping behind the kit to help us perform the full KC discography one last time.

We will be joined on the night by special guests The Red Lights who shared many stages with us and Nathan over the years.

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