Jack Ladder


Starts 7:00 pm, 20 September 2018Ends11:45 pm, 21 September 2018


Grace Darling Hotel

114 Smith St, Collingwood

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JACK LADDER will perform a series of solo shows starting in September, which will delve into all five albums that he’s released to date. Performed within intimate settings, Ladder will for the first time reveal the “true” stories behind some of his most admired songs.

Off the back of acclaimed solo shows in Europe and the USA, Ladder’s baritone croon, enveloping narratives and extraordinary stage-presence will make these shows something unique. Were songs like “Cold Feet”, “Susan” and “Come On Back This Way” inspired by actual people and events? Or were they all works of fiction from one of Australia’s most respected and literate songwriters?

2014’s Playmates managed to seamlessly blend a dizzying range of sounds, from stark synthpop, to pedal steel guitar and marimbas, to industrial thud and art rock, while it’s lyrical themes spanned love’s redemptive power to the millstone of notoriety. The self-produced Blue Poles, released in May 2018 has proven to be the perfect culmination of Ladder’s musical trajectory so far, receiving critical acclaim both in Australia and overseas

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