Interstellar Gator, KOTA, Suite Chanceler, The Dead Lips (arvo) Nova // Paper Tapir - split EP launch, The New Dregs, AMBUR (evening)


2:00 pmSaturday, 14 March 2020


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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The Gators are back from our summer time hiatus and we got some mates are joining us for an arvo gig at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar


KOTA are a brand new alt-rockband from Melbourne, Australia. The band’s sound is reminiscent of grunge in years gone by, but with a modern and original sound that is uniquely theirs. The trio consists of Andrew Ritter on vocals/bass, Jack McDonald on guitar and Dave Convery on drums, and was formed out of previous bands across Melbourne’s rock and metal scene. After an extended period of navigating the local rock scene in their former band, Andrew and Jack traded in their old indie rock sound for a heavier and more edgy style.They also swapped instruments, with Andrew a former lead guitarist turning to the bass, whilst former drummer Jack changed his focus to the six string. This lead to the boys recruiting friend Dave and thus the line up was completed.

In the following months, long and productive song writing sessions led to the group entering the studio to record their debut single, She Was Gold. Recorded at Headgap Studio in Preston, Victoria, ‘She was Gold’ is the debut single from this effort and representative of the direction of the band. Fast forward over a year later, KOTA returned to Finn Keane at Headgap Studios and recorded their debut EP, Parking In Dark Spaces.

-Suite Chanceler -

When you think of Brazil and Italy, blistering rock probably isn’t what comes to mind. But it wasn’t a shared love of soccer that brought Brazilian guitarist Kleber Croccia and Italian drummer Yuri Baldassare together, it was a need to make noise. LOUD noise.

Melbourne-based rock duo Suite Chanceler were brought together by their adopted city’s famous live music scene, joining forces with the sole purpose of ripping our ears a new one.

Powerful and catchy riffs get their influence from Jimmy Hendrix, John Frusciante, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, while the precise, violent drums pay homage to Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Metallica and Led Zeppelin. Their potent sound is simple, yet impossible to ignore.

Kleber Croccia, guitar, bass and vocals

Yuri Baldassare, drums and vocals

-The Dead Lips-

The Deadlips, a powerhouse fusion of rock and blues with heavy progressive undertones. Their diversity in sound and huge palate of tones are exemplified by singles Crooked Mind and Exile as well as tracks such as Amends, off their Remedy EP. Their sound is constantly evolving, and with a new set of tunes coming in 2020, anticipation is high for what the next evolution of this band will bring. Having played a great number of shows across Australia, The Deadlips are no strangers to bringing their dynamic set to the live stage. Be sure to catch them at their next show in your city!


Both diverse and cohesive in sonic aesthetics, Nova and Paper Tapir have come together to create a split cassette featuring two tracks of each band’s take on emotionally charged alternative rock. Joining them for the launch of their EP will be art rockers The New Dregs and post-hardcore/noise rock quartet AMBUR.

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