IMOGEN CYGLER, Truckstop, The Commoners


7:00 pmThursday, 17 October 2019


The Evelyn Hotel

351 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, 3065, VIC

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Ft. Truckstop, The Commoners

Spring has sprung and nothing is more exciting than a Thursday evening. How to celebrate?

Come to the Evelyn on Thursday the 17th of October for the Imogen Cygler video launch party. Imogen Cygler has dedicated her life to creating music to be enjoyed in the springtime. She takes frequent ‘research trips’ to Fitzroy to gain an understanding of the environment in which her target audience would ideally listen to her music.

From the information that she has gathered over the past few years, the evidence shows that the perfect time to listen to her music would be, say, almost bang on mid-spring, on a Thursday evening, on Brunswick street, in close proximity to Shawcross Pizza, at around 10pm, at a video launch gig, spring, 17th of October, music.

She will have a beautiful band playing with her and will be supported by the incredible bands ‘Tuckshop’ and ‘The Commoners’.

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