Idly By (Adl) Album Tour, Hammock District, Quinton Trembath


8:00 pmWednesday, 27 November 2019


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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Set your phasers to party because Idly By are rolling into your town with all the swagger they can muster from the inside of a busted hatchback. Their dark lyrical overtones are something you’ll have to mull over in your own time because their live show is a vivaciously eruptive spectacle and you’ll need all your faculties for dancing.

They’ve hand selected support acts from around the country and look forward to being a guest in your scene.

This land was stolen. Damn the man. Break the mold. DIY. See you soon. Xx

Stream their debut album here:

(available on all major streaming services)

Big love to the bands

Hammock District

Quinton Trembath

Idly By

Echoes of punk influences from the last thirty years culminate in Idly By’s unique, lyrically driven brand of Punk Rock. As they weave through topics such as mental health, social political issues, broken hearts and addiction the band hopes that “throwing a saddle on these dark and personal themes might help people find a commonality in their struggles and broaden the

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