7:00 pmThursday, 28 November 2019



7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick

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Harry James Angus, the firebrand trumpeter/vocalist from The Cat Empire continues to go deeper, darker and more intense with his new single “Flicker”.

The seam that flows through all of Harry’s work is the constant re-invention of music into unrecognisable forms. His new work takes the raw intensity, chaos and exploratory power that has helped make The Cat Empire such an incandescent live experience, but redirects it towards a darker, more weirdly beautiful universe. A universe inspired by artists like Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Antony & The Johnsons and John Coltrane.

The first song from Harry’s new body of work is a strange, Frankenstein of a song. Incorporating gospel harmonies, thumping drums, a disregard for conventional song structure (or tempo for that matter) and most importantly a vocal take that stretches Harry’s considerable range to its very extremes and most powerful places. It is deeply affecting and personal. It is, quite simply utterly sublime and unlike anything else you will hear.

“This song is about coming through trauma and realizing how trauma has shaped you. It may turn out that some of your most prominent aspects have been shaped by dark forces, and there may come a time in your life where you need to slough off your old skin. This can be extremely challenging and involves, to a degree, letting go of parts of your own identity.”

“This song is about my wish that I could help someone, a stranger or a friend, and that I could lead them to the river, where things are good. I’m pretending that I’m already there, but that’s not quite true, so it’s a wish for myself as well.”

“Anyway, I just decided that I wanted to write a 3am song, an offering, for someone who is confused and can’t find their way. It’s just for that one person, you know who you are.”

Support comes from Melbourne’s Laneous.

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