Gumm b2b Luke Alessi


10:00 pmFriday, 2 September 2022


24 Moons

2 Arthurton Road, Northcote

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This September we're very pleased to be hosting Gumm & Luke Alessi for one of their favourable b2b sets which have gained increased popularity since their first appearance together at an illegal bridge rave. The pair are joined by a talented support list who all have a unique offering to showcase.

24 Moons. A cultural destination within the heart of Melbourne’s north, is a venue with a rich history that has evolved to support the creative community, providing all-inclusive & highly immersive electronic music events. With seasonal events & active collaborations that showcase the best in live & electronic music, it has become a vital part of the city’s vibrant cultural scene today.

With our biggest event to date, and after some months of inactivity, we are excited to bring this next step of our journey to life.



Cory Gia
Jake Spaseski
Jono Wong
Jordan Alexander
Kristian Botter
Nicole Kots

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