Euripus & Northern Nerv (arvo) Gaoled [WA], Territory [WA], Geld, Horsepower, Informant (evening)


7:00 pmSaturday, 18 February


Bendigo Hotel

125 Johnston Street, Collingwood

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On Saturday 18th Feb Perth’s GAOLED (Iron Lung Records) and TERRITORY (Televised Suicide Records) are joined at The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood by locals GELD, HORSEPOWER and INFORMANT.

Presale: $20 / Door $25. The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, 8pm.

GAOLED With ex-members comprised of multiple legendary Perth bands (Suffer, Drowning Horse, Self Hate, Prag, Warthreat etc), GAOLED are doing something nobody else is: blending bestial grinding warmetal (think Blasphemy, Proclamation & Revenge) with ugly bludgeoning power-violence (think Crossed Out, Despise You, Siege). The result is a cacophony of rage and despair.

TERRITORY Bringing to mind the widescreen heft of Bolt Thrower, Obituary & Hail of Bullets alongside the molten grit of Wolfpack, Disfear and Tragedy, Perth’s TERRITORY take on death/crust is as epic as it is vital, demonstrating considerable pedigree (members of No Future, People Problem, Warcycle) across their debut s/t LP [2020] and recent follow-up The Tower EP [2022].

GELD Psycho Hardcorepunk from Melbourne. FFO Poison Idea, H100s, Lipcream.

HORSEPOWER Hardcore Metalpunk from Melbourne. FFO Iron Age, Judge, Terror.

INFORMANT Negative Hardcore from Melbourne. FFO Agnostic Front, Life’s Blood, Cro-Mags.

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