Four In The Morning, Mona Bay


7:00 pmFriday, 9 April 2021



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Call it alt-folk, indie rock, or anything you like, but whatever the genre Four in the Morning are a fascinating blend of lyrical storytelling and musical experimentation. Think Bruce Springsteen, The National, or Glen Hansard with a touch of Radiohead. 

Beginning the year touring with Ainslie Wills and Leif Vollebekk, the band was set for a big 2020. Then 2020 happened. So instead they bunkered down like everyone else, learned to make sourdough, played Polytopia, and wrote solidly for the year. 

Now, while putting the finishing touches on a new EP produced by Jono Steer (Angie McMahon, Gretta Ray, Haarlo), they’re excited to get back out into the world and share some new songs. 


Mona Bay are constipated. They have been for over a year. The last time they gave birth to their very own rock and roll show was many, many moons ago, in a naive world that freely pumped live music into the atmosphere. But 2020 was a clogged toilet. Every month locked inside was a new speck of shit on our once spotless toilet bowl. But the music can no longer be suppressed. It has risen to the surface. The water is not poisoned! On the 9th of April Mona Bay are having a party at The Gaso and this is an open invite to all of our friends and family. We have missed you! We are going to keep the lineup a secret for the time being…. but it includes bands and djs. We will post soon! LIMITED CAPACITY – get ya tix online to lock yourself in!

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