Effi's Fighting Pillow 'Mahmoud' - Single Launch, Brenda (UPSTAIRS)


8:00 pmFriday, 5 October 2018



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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When we're all busy talking about whether or not our country is going to lead by a a giant douche or turd sandwich, it's important to keep in mind the important issues we face as a nation. like where the hell are we gonna be in the next few years, how are we going to tackle climate change, off shore detention, royal commission after royal comission and where are you gonna be, week after the grand final, ushering in a week long hangover, ready to head to the pub to back it up again in the spirit of what is truly australian, sport. 

If this issue is close to your heart then you'll be warmed to know that we to are facing this same dilemma and that we have an answer. come join us dance the night away on week after the grandfinal, october 5th 2018 at the tote hotel. get your boogie on. dnace down to the sweet sounds of our latest single "mahmoud"

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