Eccentric Pressence, Finn Inkster, Isaac Jensen


7:30 pmWednesday, 29 May 2019


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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“If you haven’t heard of Eccentric Presence, let’s just say they’ve been taking their recent gigs by storm with sold out crowds. They’ve got an unbeaten backline, two guitars smashing out riffs in the midfield and prize draftee Owen up front on the mic.

Eccentric Presence return to where they released their EP, ‘The First Step’s the Hardest’ to a glorious Wednesday night crowd. To wrap up their tour of shows supporting the release, they play the Workers club again, and their live act is evolving every time they play. You can expect a fresh crop of supports from the wonderful Isaac Jensen solo, and then the debut of Finn Inkster + band – check the event for more info. Get down just before winter arrives to hear the album, as well as all the new stuff the boys are working on.”

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