Dancing in Outer Space v Hot Wax Soundsystem, Manchild, Fei Pao - [UPSTAIRS], HANDLE 003 FEAT: HAMMER (UK / FEEL MY BICEP), Adi Toohey, Cassettes For Kids - [BANDROOM] (arvo) EMILY ROSEMAN, FIELDWORK & MORE - [BANDROOM] (evening)


7:00 pmSaturday, 30 March 2019



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Belfast's very own Hammer is making his Australian debut Mar 30, headlining our third little get together under the sun in the treasured Gasometer bandroom.

Hammer's hypnotic music taste has brought him widespread recognition within the underground music scene around the globe. Hammer's spin on the housetechnodisco blend is not only unique but complimentary of his prominent role in the Feel My Bicep label - showing through with crowd favourite 'Dhalia', a collaborative anthem from both Hammer & Bicep.


After a short break Dancing In Outer Space is back upstairs at The Gaso!!

This month they are joining forces with the mighty, mighty Hot Wax Soundsystem and are bring their whole rig up to the attic. Powered by the majesty of 4 original Altec Lansing speakers, 2 original Klipsch La Scala horns and a Condesa mixer - this edition will be pure 70s audio magic.

Manchild and Fei Pao going all night, strictly vinyl, strictly for the dancefloor. Real excited about this one, see youse all there!!!


We’re back baby! After a successful launch at Revs in January, numerous dancefloor campaigns at festivals & doofs throughout the country, and a fundraising party in Melbourne, #BeHeardNotHarmed is coming to The Gaso. We’ve been uniting a movement of party-goers and young people harmed by our Government's’ refusal to allow pill testing services, and ensuring that your voices are heard in the decision making process. We want Australia’s government to legalise both on-site and fixed-site pill testing services. For more info on pill-testing and the #BHNH campaign, check out www.beheardnotharmed.com

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