Clodagh & the Monologue Musos! Pumping Folk Songs @ Bar Oussou!


10:00 pmFriday, 29 July 2022


Bar Oussou

653 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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Honey, we're home!

6 years after standing on this stage for the first time as a cute little Celtic singer, Clodagh is back, this time with a full orchestra, sexy go-go back up dancers in cages and a full feature fire show, all for the exclusive price of $11.99!

(nah, but for real tickets are just $12, and we'll bring a lighter for you to wave for the slow songs. Bloody baargain.*)

With never before heard songs that have been kept buried, waiting for the right moment to rise finally surfacing, and old lost wonders rebirthed by the lilting, soaring, driving and thundering sounds of The Monologue crew, we'll be serving you two full sets of pure cinematic, freak-folk, foot-stomping magic.

Let us lure you to the wild, dark, wonderful side of Oussou on a Friday night... It can't be explained, it can only be experienced. Come.

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