CIVIC w. Low Life (Syd) + Lái + Deep Red


8:00 pm-11:45 pmFriday, 25 January 2019


John Curtin Hotel

29 Lygon St, Carlton

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CIVIC are bringing their own brand of slick rock n roll to the John Curtin Hotel. After releasing “New Vietnam” and “Those Who No” through out 2018, they are more than prepared to exhibit their special blend of punk hits and rock fantasy tales to the general public, the fans, the lovers of live music. You think they get tired of the feeling of red hot respect that comes from blasting through a 30 minute set of burning tracks? No. They love it and will continue to deliver, time and time again. If this wasn’t already enough to ram the room full of hot fans, LOW LIFE will be joining them from Sydney. This will be their first show in Melbourne in over two years and folks, they will be bringing all they got to make you say “Cool”. Music fans are still raving about they’re 2011 release “DOGGING” and with a new record set to come out within the year, these punkers will be providing a fresh mixed bag of the stuff you love and the stuff future you will love. Don’t sit at home and miss out. This is gonna be a hot night. With hot bands and hot fans. But you think something like this can happen purely off human kindness? No. It costs money. Bring money. Tickets are $15 and limited. That $15 doesn’t just buy you a ticket to the goddamn best night of your life. It also lets you stack another beautiful memory on top of the pile. Remember the first time you went in a swimming pool? These bands try they’re hardest to recreate this feeling for you. Just added more burning hot supports, Lái & Deep Red.

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