Cheeky Velvet + Kitty Rae + Loui Froia


7:00 pmFriday, 1 April 2022


Bad Decisions

46 Johnston St, Fitzroy

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Welcome to the Catmosphere!!! I'm not kitten around we have the most purrfect line up and the best live Meowsic a kit kat could ask for. So fur the love of cats, put on your cat ears, draw on your whiskers and tie on your tails. It would be a catastrophe to miss this!!! So strike a pose and give us some CATTITUDE!






Yeilding her disco ball and fighting off aliens on stage, Melbourne pop spectacle, known as Cheeky Velvet is back. With her she brings her infectious tunes, her very extra costumes and a whole new evil alter ego. Known for her out-of-this-world space themed shows, dancing and her theatrics this is definitely not your average gig. Featuring some of her quirky obsessions such as Sailors, Cats and Sugar Daddies, all topped off with some sassy banter that would make your Mumma blush.

Cheeky Velvet has been crowned a triple threat and likened to industry pop sensations such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (Music is My Muse). Even winning over the likes of industry renowned Tone Deaf and the managing editor of both Don’t Bore Us and Rolling Stone with her song ‘Flirt’. She has just released her new single ‘To the Moon’ and has an array of singles set to drop in 2022. With her effervescent stage presence and her tongue-in-cheek songs, it’s not hard to see why she is called ‘the full package’.


Combine Sia, Lorde and Billie Eilish and you get electric, dark pop artist Kitty Rae. Creating a reputation for her pumped-up, energetic live shows, Kitty captivates audiences with her powerful vocals, driving rhythms and hard-hitting lyrics.

Originally from rural Victoria, Kitty's 2020 debut EP was produced in her home studio and gained over 40,000 streams from people connecting to her vulnerability and empowering messages. Her follow-up single Red Lights won the nation-wide Campus Music 2021 people's choice award, and came 2nd in the Monash University Popular Songwriting Prize 2021. She was also a Featured Artist for the Indie Music Summit 2021.

With plenty of new material to come from Kitty Rae, her latest single ‘When Everybody Is Sleeping’ marks the start of a new era and proves that exciting things are coming from this new Australian pop artist.


If you have been out to a music venue on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night in Melbourne, You’ve seen Loui. At 20 years old Loui has been cutting his teeth at some of the suburbs most notorious rooms either solo of with his live band (Loui Froia Band).

Releasing his debut EP “These Words” in 2018, showcasing a collection of his influences and his charm for songwriting. There are things you can’t fake, Grit, Authenticity, and Passion. Loui serves it in spades. His songs are incredibly topical in regards to his life, He always says, “If it means something to me, chances are it means something to someone else too”. "THESE WORDS" is 6 track packed with substance powerhouse and as reviewed by Aussie blues music legend John McNamara - “A Super F***ing Good Product”.

Now with a new release on the horizon, and a new live band you can expect nothing less than a present and entertaining live act featuring Hooked, Catchy, Pulsing Guitars, with driving ear worm melodies, keys that remind you of the E street band, and a tasteful knack for harmonies.

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    Bad Decisions

    46 Johnston St, Fitzroy