Cable Ties + Little Ugly Girls + MOD CON (early and late show)


5:00 pmSaturday, 20 February 2021


Forum Melbourne

154 Flinders St, Melbourne

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MMW is bringing live music back to The Forum with Cable Ties + Little Ugly Girls + MOD CON. Their debut outing at this Melbourne institution couldn’t get more raucous than this.

If you haven’t seen Cable Ties perform then you’re in for a treat. The fierce, political trio fall somewhere between post-punk and garage rock so strap yourselves in for a smashing, smouldering wall of sound. Support action comes by way of legendary Australian punk outfit Little Ugly Girls, playing their first show since 2018, and power trio MOD CON, whose live performance boasts hell-bent solos, dual vocals and syncopated rhythms. These are the modern anthems we need – these are the sounds of the struggles, the hope, and the depths of our shared human experience.

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