Bridget Brandolini, Alt Indie (arvo) Short Order Chefs, Almir Lemes (Zeljci Bebeci), Frank Flash (Byzantine Blue) (evening)


2:30 pmSaturday, 8 June 2019


Open Studio

204 High Street, Northcote 3070

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Brisbane musician Bridget Brandolini invites you to witness 'On Orleigh Street', her debut EP (available 01/06) With gentle high-melodies, 'On Orleigh Street' is both a comfort and the articulation of a curious ingenue attempting to place herself in the world. With Special Guests MADI LEEDS and Zak Fleisher- Music.


The Short Order Schefs are five of the tastiest musicians in Melbourne's funky inner northern suburbs. Featuring members of Cranky, Augie March and, well.. you've never heard of the others. Needless to say their broad musical experience and tasteful interpretations of Blues, Country, New Orleans R&B, Jazz, Rock'n'Roll and obscure 60's instrumental noir will satisfy everyone from the fussiest music nerds to the groovers who just want to boogie.


Almir Lemes (Zeljci Bebeci) i Frank Flash (Byzantine Blue) fuse Balkan music genres in an acoustic gig with 2 guitars - join us while we carve a path through the music of your past and future! Almir Lemes (Zeljci Bebeci) I Frank Flash (Byzantine Blue) spajaju Balkanske muzicke zanrove u akusticnoj svirci za raju uz 2 gitare. Pridruzite nam se i vi na putanji kroz muziku vase proslosti i budicnosti!

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