Boat Show, Eaglemont & Culte [FRONT BAR] Emperor Moth, Mistress of Misery, Eight Count, Rhinosauras & Atriox [BANDROOM] Verticoli, Furlong, Great Australian Bank & Would Be Cool [UPSTAIRS]


5:00 pmSunday, 9 February 2020



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Hey strangers we've been dead for a year but let's face it, BOAT SHOW is a euphemism of Jesus Christ so naturally, it has resurrected for a good old Tote front bar residency.


8:50 Emperor Moth - 4 piece metal band with a huge sound these guys will absolutely slay with their heavy breakdowns and solid riffs
8:00 Mistress of Misery - 5 piece metalcore/deathcore band who in 2019 released their debut ep “paths of deceit” now preparing to release their full length later this year. This show will be their first of the year featuring some exclusive new tracks from their next release.
7:10 Eight Count - just signed Frankston local hardcore enthusiasts, these guys will “destroy everything” and show us all a huge set as per usual.
6:20 Rhinosaur - a three-piece, formed in the early 20017BC providing you with Posthistoric Riffs and Beer Rock, conveniently played in modern pubs.
5:30 Atriox - Five piece Metalcore band from Melbourne, Australia.


Sundays are for drums, distortion, grit and angst for those who know what's good for them. So get your dose from the political diatribes of WOULD BE COOL; the angular aggression of GREAT AUSTRALIAN BANK; FURLONG's eloquent wall of dirt; and the filthy riffage of VERTICOLI.

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