Big Yawn, Fia Fiell & The First Baboon Civilisation


Starts 8:00 pm, 24 January 2019Ends12:00 am, 25 January 2019



136 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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A Thursday evening, initially conceived as fantasy:

Fia Fiell:
Ethereal and unsettling synthesiser music that melds lush melodic cycles, ecstatic drones and free improvisation.

The First Baboon Civilisation:
An all in collective of improvisers taking cues from Sun Ra, Harry Partch and Alice Coltrane, with a focus on creating unique group connections and scenarios to move from one land to another.

Big Yawn:
A big, sweaty, hypnotic exercise of live electronic music that explores and exploits ambient, psychedelic, techno and krautrock styles. The members of Big Yawn had prior involvement performing and producing in the majority of projects released by Fallopian Tunes.

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