Badinage (arvo) Tommy Wu & Friends (evening)


4:00 pmSunday, 28 August 2022


Brunswick Green

313 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Badinage bring their unique garage lounge soundscapes to the Brunswick Green, playing blues-based ambient instrumental music for guitar, cello, trumpet and percussion -- a bit like Ed Kuepper meets the Dirty Three by way of Pink Floyd and Radiohead... only different.


Tommy Wu is a jazz drummer / electronic music
producer from Shanghai, China. Having studied with
great jazz mentors such as Winard Harper, John di
Martino, and Joris Teepe, he is heavily influenced by
the swing tradition and has a great passion in bebop
music. As one of the youngest jazz cats in town, he will be playing alongside Melbourne’s renowned musicians James Sherlock, James Rust, also featuring vocalist Phoebe Hunter. The band will explore compositions of Dizzy Gillespie, Cole Porter, George Gershwin and more.

Line Up:
Vocals - Phoebe Hunter
Guitar - James Sherlock
Bass - Ben Robertson
Drums - Tommy Wu

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