Arbes, Slypon, Maxi


8:00 pmTuesday, 16 March 2021



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Over the past 2 years, HUM has been bringing you interviews and photos about the artists that make the Melbourne music scene as amazing as it is! Last year, we brought that into the real world, so it's time for ROUND 2! 

LIVE AT HUM is a series of live recordings from some of our most loved musicians. How do we get these live recordings? We’re putting on some ripper gigs! 

Come along and see ‘em in the flesh and maybe even immortalise yourself in RECORDED FORM! 

*$15 entry* 

Our second set includes: 


Arbes are a psych/dream pop trio that Formed in 2013, their debut EP Swimmer was released through US label Sports Day Records in 2015. In the spring of 2016, Anita, Sam and Jess released their sophomore EP Psalms. 2019 saw Arbes release single and video Strange Power. The three-piece write and record in their home town bedroom studio, and play regularly around Melbourne. They are currently working on their next release. 


“Max is a cool dude making supersick maple syrup rock hailing from Toronto, Canada B.C, chillen”  

Having previously worked with MAXI in the past with many HUM projects, we’re delighted to have him play one of his last shows with us before moving back to Canada. We bid adieu but hopefully not forever. 


5-piece groove machine 

'we do funerals, weddings and functions.' 

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