All Day Fritz (arvo) Chicago Dime, Pete Hachel (evening)


3:00 pmSunday, 30 September 2018


Open Studio

204 High Street, Northcote 3070

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ALL DAY FRITZ  are a bunch of well known Melbourne performers who enthusiastically cross the great divide to play musical shows that are genuinely for adults and kids alike. The music is rootsy, swingy, jazzy, rocky, rowdy, mellow, groovy, harmonious and never dumbed down. At our gigs the dance floor is usually packed with kids and adults, grandparents swing dancing and babies jiggling.

CHICAGO DIME Chicago Dime is a modern Melbourne blues band inspired by a combination of the old and new. The band’s raw energy and intensity is reminiscent of some of the best blues and improvisational rock that Melbourne has ever offered. Featuring guitar, horns, bass and drums playing blues, funk, rock, jazz, original songs and more! PETE HACHEL Moulded by the sounds of Clapton, Hendrix and Vaughn, Pete comes to life every time he hits the stage.

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