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Triple R Staff

Station Manager
Dave Houchin: station.manager@rrr.org.au

Administration, Accounts & Subscriptions
Administration - Gemma Noble & Gemma Helms: admin@rrr.org.au
Accounts - Sarah Barber: accounts@rrr.org.au
Reception - Zoran Ilievski: reception@rrr.org.au
Saturday Reception - Tim Thorpe: timt@rrr.org.au

Programming & Content
Programming & Content Manager - Bec Hornsby: program.manager@rrr.org.au
Music Coordinator - Simon Winkler: music.coordinator@rrr.org.au
Music Interviews Coordinator - Sam Cummins: samc@rrr.org.au
Breakfasters & Talks Producer - Elizabeth McCarthy: talks@rrr.org.au
Talks Producer & Training Coordinator - Dylan Bird: dylanb@rrr.org.au
Live to Air & Events Coordinator - Lauren Taylor: laurent@rrr.org.au
Communications & Online Content Coordinator – Annaliese Redlich: annalieser@rrr.org.au

Breakfasters – Sarah Smith, Jeff Sparrow & Geraldine Hickey: breakfasters@rrr.org.au

Projects & Volunteers

Project Manager – Phillipa Overgaard: phillipao@rrr.org.au 
Maintenance & Project Coordinator - Brian Driscoll: briand@rrr.org.au
Volunteers Coordinator - Grace Kindellan: gracek@rrr.org.au 

The Trip (Subscriber Magazine)
Editor - Donna Morabito: donnam@rrr.org.au

Sponsorship & Promotions
Nik Tripp: nikt@rrr.org.au
Lisa Kovacevic: lisak@rrr.org.au
Adam Christou: ac@rrr.org.au
Levi Heeringa: levih@rrr.org.au


Archie Cuthbertson: production@rrr.org.au
Dan Moore: production@rrr.org.au
Declan Kelly: production@rrr.org.au

Technology Manager - Cameron Paine: sysadmin@rrr.org.au
IT Support - Adam Chamberlin: sysadmin@rrr.org.au
Broadcast Engineer – Bill Runting
Studio Tech – Bryan Bergman

RRR Office

Design - Actual Size   Web Developers - Monkii

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