Triple R Website Admin Documentation

Tags (WIP)

6 August 2018

Tags work in two ways:

  1. Tagging assets is just for searching through images in the assets section of the admin area.
  2. Tagging all other content will display tags at the bottom of the page, clicking these tags blah blah.

Blab from Soundscape instructions that will be useful: Tags will show at the bottom of the soundscape and will enable visitors to visit a page showing any other content on the site that is tagged likewise. For example, tagging the soundscape with "Kamasi Washington" will link through to a page listing clips of any interviews Kamasi has done with 3RRR, his Album of the Week page, any other soundscapes containing his music, etc. Nifty! Add all artists' names (type the name then hit enter/return). Also add any genres, themes, record labels, etc that you think might be mentioned elsewhere on the Triple R website already or in the future.