Step into the dream world of electronic sound and music as the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio - MESS - presents a sweeping line up of local talent. Ranging from the soaring textures of the newly formed MESS SYNTHESISER ORCHESTRA playing a commissioned work by Mat Watson and the synth pop stylings of Simona Castricum, to new sonic explorations by R. Rebeiro (My Disco/ Downwards), Naretha Williams (Blak Mass), OK EG and the legendary sound of Artificial (Nicole Skeltys/ B(if)tek). There is something for everyone and even a few surprises.

Enjoy the most iconic machines in electronic music history in this rare opportunity to hear them resonate live and en masse.

If you're a Triple R subscriber and would like to win one of two lawn decks, enter below. Please note: each lawn deck seats up to 6 people (winner + 5 guests).

MESS is a not for profit organisation dedicated to giving everyone access to the entire history of electronic music in instrumental form. MESS is the custodian of a museum grade collection of hundreds of synthesisers, drum machines and every variety of electronic sound making device. Find out more here:



MESS Live at The Bowl