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Indigenuity: Waanyi Writer Alexis Wright on Worldmaking in Praiseworthy

Waanyi writer Alexis Wright joins Krystal to talk about her award-winning fiction book, Praiseworthy, an epic set in the north of 'Australia' which not only won the 2024 Stella Prize but has also made her the only author to win the Stella Prize twice in the prize's history (previously in 2018 for her work, Tracker). The book is described as a "genre-defiant book of climate catastrophe proportion", giving a nod to key themes of the book, wherein Alexis "wanted to capture the spirit of the times" all over the world. Krystal and Alexis discuss the issues that affect Indigenous peoples and how they filtered into the worldmaking process of Praiseworthy: family, language, community stories, the absurdity in the everyday, government policies, Aboriginal sovereignty, burden and responsibility, magic, joy and enchantment.

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Listen to Indigenuity: Waanyi Writer Alexis Wright on Worldmaking in Praiseworthy26:0926 May 2024