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The Grapevine: El Gibbs responds to the NDIS Review

El Gibbs is a writer and disability activist, and the Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Disability Advocacy Network Australia.

In this interview with guest host Alice Mathieu on The Grapevine, El responds to Review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - which was announced in October 2022, and the Final Report was released in early December. The NDIS Review's Final Report offered 26 recommendations, with 139 detailed actions to make them happen, over the next 5 years.

El and Alice discuss the Review's findings, including workforce challenges in the disability sector and what the NDIS Review could mean for disabled Australians. They also discuss an article El wrote for the Guardian, After more than a decade of the NDIS, has anything changed about the way we value disabled lives?

You can read more about the NDIS Review here, and you can find out more about El Gibbs' work at her website.

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Listen to The Grapevine: El Gibbs responds to the NDIS Review23:1618 December 2023