Presented by Richard Watts


Smart Arts: Gail Mabo On Honouring Tradition Through Arts Practice

Gail Mabo continues the legacy of her father, Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo, activist for First Nations’ native title land rights, through art.

Speaking with Richard Watts, Gail describes how her ground-breaking multidisciplinary approach to contemporary art- incorporating smell, movement and bamboo sculpture pushes the ‘current’ in art and  transports audiences to her ancestral home in Mer (Murray Island).

“For me when I was growing up and the first time I went back to Murray Island, listening to the wind come through the bamboo was magical,” says Mabo, “So that’s what I’m doing, bringing a magical moment into the space.”

Current is a joint exhibition with fellow First Nations artists Lisa Waup and Dominic White, exploring the passages of water that connect their cultures and the First Nations people along the Eastern Coast of Australia.

Current is on from the 29th of July until the 9th of November at McClelland Gallery in Langwarrin.

Listen to Smart Arts: Gail Mabo On Honouring Tradition Through Arts Practice12:3927 July 2023