From an episode of Queer View MirrorPresented by Sam Elkin, Gemma Cafarella and Hamish McLachlan


Queer View Mirror: Getting Prudish With Paul Dalgarno

Is Australia prudish? That’s the question author Paul Dalgarno explored in his new book Prudish Nation, after coming out as openly non-monogamous in 2020.

Paul joins Hamish and Gemma on Queer View Mirror to reveal what he discovered about our attitudes towards sex and ‘unconventional’ relationships after speaking with more than 30 Australian-based authors and thinkers from across the LGBTQI+ spectrum.

“Maybe language changes and we hear new terms and we think ‘oh hang on, kids are suddenly queer’ or whatever the moral panic of the day is, but really it’s not about having to accept the new world it’s just having to accept the world as it has been and always will be.”

Prudish Nation is out now from Upswell

Listen to Queer View Mirror: Getting Prudish With Paul Dalgarno19:397 June 2023