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Indigenuity: Jeanine Leane, Author of 'Gawimarra: Gathering'

Wiradjuri, poet, and academic Jeanine Leane joins Krystal about her new book, Gawimarra: Gathering. The two discuss the poetry collection's idea of gathering as a cultural practice, as method and methodology, and the matriarchal threads that underpin storytelling, story arcs, and the rewriting of colonial history.

"I also wanted to take this work in an arc. I think about shapes a lot. I wanted to take readers away from a straight line, I wanted to take them in a more circular arc of a journey. Now is then is now."

gawimarra gathering cover
Listen to Indigenuity: Jeanine Leane, Author of 'Gawimarra: Gathering'51:344 February 2024