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Double Bounce: Dirty Three Are RISING Once More

Vaughan is joined by the one and only Warren Ellis of beloved band Dirty Three, to discuss their first album in over a decade and kicking off a national tour with two special headline sets at RISING festival in June.

In this special longform chat, Warren explains the inspiration behind recording the new LP Love Changes Everything, his long career in music spanning more than three decades, the many instruments he's played over the years and the evolution of his songwriting and composing skills.

"we were quite an industrial band in the early days... we were quite apocalyptic.. whatever we could find in the back room I'd start playing... I'm not the sort of musician who sits and practices and gets better and better and better, I have a small box of tools that I can use and I'm quickly picking them up again and again and again."

Love Changes Everything is out on June 14 through Anchor & Hope/Remote Control Records

photo credit: Daniel Boud

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