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Banksia: Tahlia Palmer on New Exhibition 'occupation studies' and Soundtracks

Interdisciplinary artist Tahlia Palmer, who is of Murri and European descent, joins Vanessa Morris to talk about exhibition occupation studies.

Tahlia's work in occupation studies seeks to analyse the European colonial mentality, and critique how and why local knowledges built across at least 9000 generations of land and water management were largely dismissed by those with power in settler-colonial society.

It features video works built from the State collection of archival photographs, documents and maps, combined with audio and visual field research and AI generated imagery.

Tahlia also spoke about their project amby downs which they have released soundtracks from the exhibition on bandcamp.

occupation studies at the Victorian Archives Centre until the 13 July

amby downs occupation studies soundtracks

Image: Tahlia doing hydrophone recordings at lake hume as part of the creative residency with the Public Records Office of Victoria / Credit: David Maras

Tahlia Palmer
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