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Banksia: James Howard On Sound Sculpture 'Subterranean Frequencies'

Jaadwa song-man and composer James Howard joined Vanessa Morris on Banksia to discuss sound sculpture Subterranean Frequencies as part of the Yallingwa exhibition Between Waves at ACCA, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Subterranean Fequencies is a long form sound sculpture created using sounds recorded in a giant underground cavern located beneath ACCA’s building which were than stretched and compressed into a piece that would span four months and 25 days to complete.

James discussed their sound work which was developed to accompany Dylan Mooney work in RISING exhibitions Shadow Spirit.

He also spoke about working with the Australian Dance Theatre to compose and record a soundtrack for the performance The Third, that has since been separately released as mini-album, Music from ‘The Third’.

Subterranean Frequencies is on display through the Yallingwa exhibition Between Waves at ACCA until 3 September

Tracks included

James Howard - Resolution

James Howard - Sample of Subterranean Frequencies

James Howard - Portals

James Howard
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